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Easy Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

Have a hard time drinking water? Let's change that!

Hydration is important but not always easy. Our bodies need water to help keep them working properly, regulate our body temperature, support detoxification, and so much more! Water needs vary from person to person, so it's important to talk to a doctor and dietitian to help determine your water goals. Some things to remember are that water needs increase with things like sweat, exercise, current hydration status, and health conditions.

Whether you don't like the (lack of) flavor, are sensitive to drink temperatures, or want to spice up your drink routine, here are a few tips to help you increase your water intake.

1. Add some flavor: Try frozen berries, cucumber, mint leaves or a splash of orange juice.

Don't like the taste of water, that's okay! The great thing about water is that you can adjust it! Like sweet? Maybe try adding fresh or frozen fruit, or a bit of fresh-squeezed juice. Want refreshing? Try mint leaves, cucumber, or a bit of peppermint. Love soda? Maybe try adding a splash of coke to a cherry-flavored sparkling water! Okay, so maybe not everyone loves cherry coke but you get the idea - get creative!

2. Eat water-containing foods like fruits, vegetables, soups, and yogurt.

Yes, you can eat your water! Granted, you won't get a ton of water from most foods, but eating fruits and vegetables can be a great way to make sure you stay hydrated while getting lots of nutrients!

Aside from fruits and vegetables, look for foods that melt at room temperature or are a little more on the liquidy side (smoothies, yogurt, broths and soups, jello, etc).

3. Carry a reusable water bottle. Refill often.

Have a hard time accessing water throughout the day? Bring some to work or school in a water bottle or cup that you can refill. If you are sensitive to certain temperates, an insulated option may be best. Insulated bottles and cups can help keep your water warm, cold, or whatever temperature you like it. This way you'll be more likely to drink it!

Bonus: Reusable options are also more environmentally friendly compared to plastic!

Here are a few of my favorites:

4. Change it up. Try drinking out of a straw, using a different cup, or changing the temperature.

Take a second to think about things that you do a great job of drinking - coffee? wine? soda? Now think about what helps you drink these things? Is there a trend?

Maybe you drink better when using a straw, adding ice, drinking out of a mug. Whatever it is, try drinking your water that way! Who says you can't drink ice water out of a wine glass!?

5. Substitute water in place of milk in things like oatmeal, protein shakes, or smoothies

Water can be added to so many foods to help increase your daily intake. Are there foods that you're frequently adding milk or milk alternatives to? Maybe try to mix it up by adding water instead!

Bottom Line:

There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to hydration. Find the right tips and tricks to make water accessible, easy to drink, and suited to your preferences to help you stay hydrated!

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